Building a business on trust.

We’re finishing up a project north of Boston for a family who is getting ready to move into their new home. It’s a beautiful place and everything – the furniture, the hardwood floors, tile and carpets – was recently purchased and is in perfect, pristine condition...

So when one of our employees who handles client relationships got a mid-day call from our client asking if anyone from Koncerted was at the house because his wife, who was on the other line, was distraught that someone had tracked mud all over their brand new carpets – we sprang into action. First, we apologized profusely for the situation – even though we were pretty certain it wasn’t a Koncerted employee because one of our cardinal rules is that when you enter a client’s house, you must leave it cleaner than you found it. We quickly verified that no one from Koncerted was on the property. But that’s not the end of the story.  

Just because we didn’t make the mess, didn’t mean we couldn’t help clean it up. When we offered our assistance, our client asked if we could intervene so his wife wouldn’t have to argue with the cable guy – who as it turned out – was clearly to blame. We did so without hesitation, dispatching a Koncerted employee to deal with the situation

In thinking about this story, I asked myself: what makes a great client relationship? Clear communication, responsiveness, coming in on budget – they’re all important. But what it really comes down to is trust. The kind of trust we earn by delivering the experience we sold our client on.

You see, once we’ve earned a client’s trust, we become much more than a company that sells and integrates as much equipment as possible and then is never heard from again. We become a trusted advisor who advocates for whatever is in our clients’ best interest. When that happens, something else happens. Our clients become our advocates, as well. They recommend us to others not because we ask them to, but because they trust us to take exceptionally good care of their friends and family. That my friends is the highest compliment and the soundest business outcome anyone could ask for.

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