Blade Boston

Designed to attract and cultivate the cities’ technical and creative elite - Blade Boston is the newest addition to the Boston Startup Community. Set against the Boston skyline, the space is equal parts startup habitat, gallery and event space. 

From the earliest conversation, it was evident that the founders had a very different vision and expressed a strong desire to create a groundbreaking technology experience. Conceptually, the environment needed to speed-up or slow down depending on time of day. iPads were custom programmed to provide control of individual room’s lighting, audio, projectors/TVs or programmed to be grouped together for parties and events. 

At its core, Blade is about encouraging collaboration. It is in this spirit, we recommended an open architecture to command and control. Especially, given the diversity of scenarios and devices and a variety of manufacturers, many of which, were simply not designed to talk to each other. That spirit of collaboration was also important as we worked with a team of electrical contractors, custom fabricators, stage sound/lighting and a visual FX artist to bring the founders vision to life. 

I loved every minute of working with Koncerted. These guys have a crazy wide range of skills, and they are fearless to try new things. I will use Koncerted again and again for any projects with custom TV, video, lighting, etc.
— Paul English. BLADE CEO & Cofounder

Work now play later.

For events and parties, all lighting and A/V controls are transferred to the VJ booth through a PIN protected admin panel. Once transferred, the individual remotes are locked out to ensure there are no distractions from the stage. The highpoint for our principal programmer came at the opening event, “seeing everyone dancing and enjoying the system in its entirety, was pretty amazing”.  

Anticipating how a system will be utilized is always a consideration. In the small hours of the morning, the system resets by initiating a sequence of commands to test and reboot. Controls are released back to the individual iPads in preparation for another productive day at Blade Boston. 

This project represents the most multi-layered project that Koncerted has attempted to date. With an equipment manifest in the hundreds, this was an opportunity our team savored.