the smallest of steps can add up

There is some truth in the often misquoted “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” mantra. This message can be applied to business, academics, and even health and wellness. At Koncerted, we apply this message to everything we do. Our back-of-house systems are designed to give us every necessary piece of intelligence needed to complete a job flawlessly. Our technicians are armed with all the details to ensure a perfect client engagement at every step in the process.

We have been experimenting with wearable products that track wellness statistics in our personal lives. Although the concept of wearable tech that integrates with our devices is only a few years old, it seems that you can’t turn your head without seeing it around us. From bracelets to sneakers to glasses, dozens of companies are popping up with new integrated ideas to streamline work, play, and health by implementing lifestyle-modifying hardware that track and measure calories burned, sleep quality, and distance walked using nothing more than a small wearable device and our smartphone. Many of these devices utilize social media to get some friendly competition stirring between your friends, family, and colleagues.

I have been using a bracelet in the dance studio that captures steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. Once calibrated to my stride, the pedometer is remarkably helpful at keeping track of movement during practice sessions.  It can generate a normalized “fitness score” for the day that I can use to track against other dancers. It becomes a motivational tool that serves double-duty to see how much time and energy other competitors are spending in their practices.

Our Boston office manager, an avid runner, has been using a different product for a few weeks now. “The thing I like most about it is when I go for runs I can see how far I’ve gone. Before using the bracelet I would just run by time if I wasn’t doing a route I knew. Now I can go on different routes still keep track of my distance. I also like the fact you can link to your friends and see how far they have run for the week. Its fun to compete with them and it makes running and walking more appealing than driving or taking the elevator.” 

For an easy and free introduction to the world of smartphone enabled fitness, check out the Nike+ for iPhone app to track distance, set challenges, and take your activity to the next level. Have a little fun with your music and create a pumped up playlist to listen to match.