At Koncerted, we love our food.

In fact we own it. We’re not embarrassed. We’re used to being labelled geeks, nerds, techies and much more, but you can add foodie to that list. We don’t mind. We know our guanciale from our pancetta, our fennel pollen from our fennel seeds, our elderflower cordial from our elderberry jam. Sure we’re better known for our precision network design or our automated lighting system for a home recording studio, or even a driveway sensor that honks a horn when a car pulls into your driveway, but in the quiet of a Tuesday afternoon in our Koncerted lab we tend to engage in heated debate over best methods for smoking shoulders of pork. Sometimes we’ll get emotional over the eternal question of whether to plop a dollop of crème fraîche or sour cream on a spicy bowl of pozolé, and don’t even get us started on choosing the best pasta cutter for freshly rolled pappardelle.

These days folks are finding fewer and fewer areas of their everyday existence where their tech doesn’t get involved. The Family Room TV, our favorite music, our cars, entertainment and most everything else have become intrinsically tied to our smartphones and tablets. Without us noticing it our kitchens and dining tables have followed suit, maybe even more than we realize. And this is why we love this stuff and what we do. We use our food to nourish; to connect with our families, relax and enjoy life. At almost every step of the journey our tech is there. From planning our next feast, choosing our seasonal goodies at the market, poring over the trendiest recipes and finally posting that humblebrag glory shot on Facebook for our jealous friends to drool over.

What’s cool is that the tech never seems to intrude or get in the way of the whole delicious process. Our iPhones can’t actually overcook that grass-fed Vermont rib eye (although once when Bluetooth disconnected that fancy iGrill app there was a horribly close shave). We really can’t blame that cool cocktail app if we put too much Curaćao in our next Thai basil margarita because we’ve already had one too many Thai basil margaritas (and who hasn’t?). Like an encouraging friend or a kitchen tested sage, our everyday tech guides us gently in the right gastronomic direction. It opens our eyes to culinary adventures we may have been too timid to venture on. It’s just possible that we may just end up looking like a more handsome and less foul mouthed Gordon Ramsay on Instagram, and that’s a meeting of tech and lifestyle we can get behind.