Does your network make your house work?

We’ve all been there. You get the latest iPad or an insane 65” TV and can’t wait to get it installed. Then you fire it up only to find out that the actual experience is a total letdown. 

Before you send it back with a snarky note, consider this: the device or equipment might not be to blame. The problem could be that your network isn’t up to snuff.

Whenever I use the terms like “router” or “wireless access point”, I’m guaranteed to get plenty of eye rolls. So I’ll spare you the technical details. Here’s what you need to know: most houses have 20+ pieces of equipment that need network access and most networks can’t handle it.

The truth is that the networking equipment found in the big box stores may be adequate if you have only a few pieces of equipment. But chances are if you’re reading this blog post, your house has a ton of devices that need to connect to your network and the outside world. From iPads, TV’s, thermostats, printers, game consoles, security cameras, computers, and printers – the list is endless and will only grow. In fact, you probably got a few new devices over the holidays.

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your email won’t send or Skype fails you right when you need it most. If your iPhone doesn’t always connect to your network and you call your Internet provider and if you can get through to a human, they’ll test the speeds and claim everything’s fine.

But you’ll know better because your Candy Crush levels will stop going through the roof every time your kids open the Portal of Power on Skylanders because your wireless signal will disappear and you’ll be quite literally out of the game.

Koncerted is not a cable provider or a big box store. Our only skin in the game is keeping our Clients happy by making your Internet speeds more consistent while anticipating how the continued increase in devices and products will put added demands on your network.  

So the next time your wireless device or TV fails to live up to your expectations, consider whether your network is really set up to make your house – and life – work.